Webinar on Laser, Optics & photonics


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It is a great pleasure for us to kindly invite you for a Webinar on Laser, Optics & photonics organized by Coalesce Research Group. The webinar takes place on May 06-07, 2021 with the Theme “Exemplifying the Prominence of Lasers, Optics and Photonics in today’s world”.

Even Though this Covid-19 has kept us apart but through this Webinar, we can still get back to our work together to learn and experience the high-quality talk. This webinar provides a leading forum for the presentation of new advances and research technology results in the fields of Laser, optics & photonics. It will address the rapid strides and technological advancements currently witnessed in the fields will bring together innovative academics and industrial experts in the field of laser, optics & Photonics to a common forum. We look forward to your active participation and contribution to make the webinar productive for all participants.

“Grab this opportunity by networking with peers and boost your identity”

Advantages of the webinar:

  • Role of digital technologies and pathways of modernizing technologies.
  • To accelerate the flow of technology from research and extension to the new applications
  • Opportunities to connect with the hosts and fellow attendees
  • Wider reach across the world offers interactive opportunities to understand the target audience
  • Reach the target the group directly live and exchange the views of each other
  • Cost-effective by avoiding travel and accommodation booking