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NewLife Gastro Liver Clinic is one of the top Liver transplant clinics in Pune. We endeavour to serve patients with advanced medical solutions that help them to revive their lives. Under the expert supervision of a renowned liver specialist in Pune Dr. Ninad Deshmukh, we bring in quality healthcare solutions within the range of the common man. As a life-saving surgery, a liver transplant is mandatory if you are diagnosed with end-stage liver disease (chronic liver failure).


Q Who can be a donor for a liver transplant in India?

A patient can receive a liver from a live donor or a deceased person, which is common in India.

Living Donor: A living donor is mostly a family member or a close acquaintance. The donor’s life is not at risk as the liver grows back within 6-8 weeks of time, however, the blood type and liver size are matched.

Deceased Donor: This is quite prevalent in India for patients suffering from acute liver ailments. As per the criticality and waiting period, a liver transplant can take place. Liver transplant surgeries in Pune are high by the virtue of World-class infrastructure and qualified Doctors.