Gupta Dental Care and Orthodontic Centre


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Gupta Dental Care & Orthodontic Centre in Dwarka and  Najafgarh is one of the most preferred dentists in Delhi. The doctor is known to have extensive dental training and to treat all dental problems with efficiency, dedication and precision. The clinic is frequently visited by patients residing in India as well as patients from across the globe. It also has plans on expanding its business in the years to come, owing to its immense success and widespread popularity. The doctor aims at focusing on the patient’s satisfaction and making it a pleasant experience for them and has earned a loyal clientele over the years. Their state-of-the-art clinic is well-equipped with the latest technological instruments to provide high-quality dental treatment to patients. 

Services offered by Gupta Dental Care & Orthodontic Centre

Gupta Dental Care & Orthodontic Centre in Delhi offers a host of treatments and cures for a wide range of dental ailments faced by the patients. Few of the dental procedures they offer range from inducing fillings and repairs in the tooth, undertaking root canal surgeries, applying crowns (caps), bridges and implants, teeth whitening as well as extractions (surgical removal) of cavities/milky /disfigured/wisdom teeth. The clinic is also listed under Dentists, Orthodontist Doctors For Invisible Braces, Lingual Orthodontist Doctors